2018 The Year of Hope
Olie's Footprints 2018 Families
Remembering our babies and children
And the hope, joy, celebration, and love that they left behind…
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Our Families
Of our 200 families, 75% of families have experienced more than one loss; 80% of our families have lost a baby due to miscarriage; 10% of our families have lost a baby due to stillbirth
Olie’s impact…
181 keepsakes; 25 rainbow packages; 5 foster care packages; 5 sibling keepsake packages; 1200 check ins to families; 200 footprints created and pictures sent to families
Supporting families throughout the journey…
Keepsakes; Rainbow suncatcher package; Rainbow loss package; Foster Care after loss package; and Sibling grief packages
Events of 2018
Remembrance Walk and 2nd Annual Light the Lake
Social Media Programming
actsOFlove; Self care and wellness; Simplifying your life after loss; Christmas card exchange; Share your grief challenge; and The HOPE Jar
What does 2019 bring for Olie’s Footprints and our beloved families?
The Year of Memories; Infertility packages; individualized birthday cards for angels; memory packages; and Angel Wishes program.
Rummage Sale; Marathon Car Wash; and Grants
Financial Sustainability
Raised almost $3,000.00 to support our families; and Most of the keepsake and package materials come from the support of our families and those who have experienced loss themselves
Our donors and supporters
We could not have been successful this year without the constant support of all who have made items for our keepsakes, packages, social media programming, and events, the likes, comments, participation, and check ups that you do on us, the volunteer work that our families, friends, and Olie’s Footprints families do, and the countless hours of answering questions, giving advice, and working with multiple nonprofit organizations. Thank you!!
If you would like to support Olie’s Footprints..
Volunteer; Create something to put in our keepsakes and packages; Build a fundraiser to support our families; Spread the word to your friends and family; Send a keepsake or package to someone you know has lost a baby or child; and/or Donate. 100% of the donations go towards supporting our families.
Thank you..
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for becoming a member of Olie’s Footprints and allowing our Olie to be a small part of your journey.

This year we have sent out 79 keepsakes to families who have lost a baby or child. 

We celebrated and honored the lives of our families angels with our 2nd annual Light the Lake. 

We made caterpillars and butterflies with children and passed out information about Olie’s Footprints and our events.

We had the privilege and honor to speak to the women of Alpha Omicron Pi at Bowling Green State University. We spoke about our losses and our families and what we are currently working on with Olie’s Footprints. We also made keepsake items and worked with Campus Cursive to create notes for our families.

Our rummage sale was one of our biggest fundraisers on behalf of our families. Thank you to all of our volunteers and to the Linnell family for being so gracious with their time and space.

In January, our families completed actsOFlove in memory of their angels. 

We introduced more packages for on behalf of our families, including sibling keepsake, rainbow loss, foster care after loss, and rainbow suncatchers. 

In honor of Olie and to celebrate his birthday, we have  sent out little bath squirters.  We are tracking the animals around the Cleveland, OH area as they pass from one family to another.  The idea behind this is to have Olie travel and see the world through another child’s eyes.  We will post the pictures of the animals that we receive on this page and track them wherever they go.


Each family that participated for all 31 days received an angel memory charm.

In April we focused on self-care and grief.   These were the topics we covered in our social media programming: 

Trauma and the effects

Mental self care and wellness

Physical self care and wellness

Supplements and Nutrition

In February 2018 we sent out remembrance valentines from our little Olie to our families’ little angels.

We also sent out Valentines to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for the kids who spent their Valentine’s Day in the hospital.

Thank you to all of the volunteers at the “Because I said I would” Cleveland Chapter for creating these beautiful sibling keepsakes and footprints with our angel’s names on them for our Remembrance Clothesline. Thank you to our Olie’s Footprints families for entrusting us with your baby or child and knowing that we would take great care in remembering and honoring your angels.

Our second annual car wash to raise money to support our families. Thank you to all who came and got their cars washed and generously gave.

It was a beautiful day well spent celebrating and talking about our very loved and missed babies and children. After our walk, we made a remembrance candle to take home.

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