Past Social Media Programs

Here is a sample of what we have been working on during 2016-2018 on behalf of our families. 

  • Ornament Exchange

In December of 2017, we organized an Ornament Exchange 2017 for our families who have lost a baby or child.

  • Olie's 2nd Birthday Celebration

In honor of Olie and to celebrate his birthday, we have  sent out little bath squirters.  We are tracking the animals around the Cleveland, OH area as they pass from one family to another.  The idea behind this is to have Olie travel and see the world through another child’s eyes.  We will post the pictures of the animals that we receive on this page and track them wherever they go.

If you are a family that has found one of our animals, please submit a picture on any of our social media sites at the top of this page so that other families may see where our little Olie’s travels have taken him.  Thank you so much!


  • ActsofLove

Remembering our babies and children and honoring their lives through #actsOFlove in January 2018.

  • Share your grief challenge

Each family that participated for all 31 days received an angel memory charm.

  • Self care and wellness
This was completed in April 2018.  Here is what we concentrated on: 

Trauma and the effects

Mental self care and wellness

Physical self care and wellness

Supplements and Nutrition

  • Remembrance valentines

In February 2018 we sent out remembrance valentines from our little Olie to our families’ little angels.

We also sent out Valentines to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for the kids who spent their Valentine’s Day in the hospital.

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