Sibling Keepsake Package

This package includes items to help children grieve the loss of their brother or sister. It is free, however to receive the keepsake a sibling must complete and send a picture of an act of kindness that they do in memory of their brother or sister.  This is to encourage children to do acts to help others in memory of their angel brother or sister. 

Pictures will be shared on social media sites and our website as well. 

Due to Coronavirus, we are temporarily suspending the mailing of any packages.  We hope to be mailing them again at the beginning of April.  Thank you for your patience. 

Sibling keepsake packages sent

Meet some of our Heroes...Changing the world one act of kindness at a time...

Javian, the big brother, painted a picture in memory of his sister. He has been sent a sibling keepsake package. We think he has the making of changing the world one footprint at a time. ❤️

Darling little Bentley is changing the world one butterfly at a time for his dear Thea. Thanks, Bentley, for honoring your precious angel sister.

Sending out a sibling keepsake today in honor of Daniel to his little sister, Anna. Anna raised money for Special Olympics and other charities that K of C supports in memory of Daniel. Thank you, Anna, for making a difference to other children who are in need in memory of your precious brother, Daniel.

We have sent out a sibling keepsake package to Hailey who made a picture for her Mama in memory of her angel sibling. We think you are amazing, Hailey!!❤️#siblingsgrievetoo