Our beloved Olie passed away on May 9th, 2016 from a miscarriage.  In honor of Olie and to celebrate his birthday, we have elected this year to send out little bath squirters.  We will leave them around the Cleveland, OH area and will track the animals as they pass from one family to another.  The idea behind this is to have Olie travel and see the world through another child’s eyes.  We will post the pictures of the animals that we receive on this page and track them wherever they go.

If you are a family that has found one of our animals, please submit a picture on any of our social media sites at the top of this page so that other families may see where our little Olie’s travels have taken him.  Thank you so much!

Here is the note that we have attached for the families to read:

Our son, Olie, passed away on May 9, 2016 from a miscarriage.  For his birthday, our family has elected to send out these toys around the Cleveland, OH area for other children to find.  We hope that your son or daughter plays, loves, and keeps it close as we keep our Olie close to our hearts.  When it is time to let it go, please place it somewhere for another family to find and include this tag so that we may see each and every place that our Olie gets to visit through another child’s eyes.  Please send us a picture so that we may know our son, Olie, is remembered and that Olie’s little footprints are making a difference to another family.  Visit http://www.oliesfootprints.com to read about our nonprofit and our son, Olie.  Please send a picture to any of our social media sites (listed).  Thank you for finding this today and remembering Olie with us.

Current location:

Octopus: Lorain, OH

Turtle: Amherst, OH

Pufferfish: Brookpark, OH

Shark: Elyria, OH

Crab: Avon, OH

Whale: Cleveland, OH

Penguin: Vermilion, OH

Clownfish: Sheffield Lake, OH