Our Future Endeavors

Keepsakes and Packages

Our goal is to send out 100 keepsakes and packages a year to families of loss.


We will continue to host an annual Remembrance Walk and Candlelight Vigil for our families of loss. In 2017, we hosted our first Remembrance Walk and in 2018, we will host our 2nd Candlelight vigil at Lakeview Park in Lorain on September 29th.

Social Media Programming

Even though distance may separate us, we offer social media programming so that no matter where you are in the world, we can support you in your journey. Our past programming has included a self care and wellness program. Currently, we are offering a simplifying your life program for September and October 2018.


We seek answers as a loss community to help as many families as possible. During 2020, we will be working to evaluate the possible link between PTSD and the loss of a child.

Counseling Services

Beginning in 2025, we are working toward offering counseling services for our families.

Build a Memorial for families

A place to remember our babies and children. Beginning in 2029, we will be working towards establishing a permanent memorial that reflects the journey of loss for our families.

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