Our Future Endeavors


We seek answers as a loss community to help as many families as possible. During 2021, we will be working to evaluate the possible link between PTSD and the loss of a child. We will seek feedback from loss families during this time.


Research shows that the first few days after loss are crucial to the grief process. We would like to work with hospitals to make this process more meaningful and comforting to families of loss.


We are investigating how families grieve and the impact on their mental health, as well as relationships, in the future. We would also like to research the impact that rainbow babies have on families' journeys.

How loss impacts families

1 %
Of Children will lose someone they know by the age of 18.
1 %
of women who lose a child experience anxiety or depression.
1 %
of marriages end in divorce after the death of a child.
1 %
of maternal deaths associated with pregnancy are preventable.

You can help a family who has lost a baby or child get the support that they need to grieve the loss of their baby or child.

Your donation makes a world of difference in their journey.