Our History


On May 9th, 2016, we lost our Olie. Olie inspired us to send out our first three keepsakes to families of loss. We also established contact with many community members and families. Forming relationships is a crucial part of our organization.


In 2017, we sent out 100 keepsakes and packages for families. We were engaged with our families on social media, with many programs such as the Ornament Exchange. We also created our first candlelight vigil, Light the Lake.


In 2018, we sent out 79 keepsakes and packages to families. We held many events, such as our presentation to AOII sorority at Bowling Green State University. We continued with our social media programming and included such events, as actOFkindness.

Families we have served
Babies and Children Remembered
Check ins with our families

You can help a family who has lost a baby or child get the support that they need to grieve the loss of their baby or child.

Your donation makes a world of difference in their journey.