C5C983FE-5F9F-413F-B95F-D327D5B52398.jpegWhen a family loses a baby or child, the entire family grieves. Our sibling keepsake packages are designed for the siblings of the baby or child. They are created to help provide some hope and comfort during a very difficult and emotional time for the entire family.

To be able to service as many families as possible, we will send one keepsake to each family. We would be more than happy to include all of the children on the personalized note.

The sibling keepsake packages are completely free to the families that we serve. There is a service component involved to give back in memory of your baby or child. We are requiring the service component as part of giving back to “Because I said I would” and their volunteers for helping to create these keepsakes for our families. The service component must be done by the siblings of the baby or child and parents may participate in it, but it should be the child’s idea and work. If your children are babies or toddlers, we of course welcome you to do/help with the act of kindness. In order to receive a sibling keepsake, please:

1. Tell us what act of kindness your child (ren) will do in memory of their brother or sister.

2. Send us a picture of the act of kindness with #oliesfootprints to any of our social media sites. The picture should include what your children were doing, the children, and the recipient who was benefitting from the kind act. All of our social media sites are listed at the top of this page in the left hand corner.

3. Within one week of receiving the picture with the information and the service project completion, we will send out the sibling keepsake.

We will be posting pictures of the acts of kindness on our website, social media sites, and “Because I said I would” sites. ❤️❤️