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We had an ornament exchange in memory or our angels. We created over 150 footprints for our families.


We created remembrances on our social media sites, more footprints for our families, and Simpllifying life after loss challenge.


We sent out Christmas cards, back to School campaign, memory packages, May Education challenge, created footprints for our families, sent out birthday cards, created remembrances on our social media sites, February Grief Challenge, Light the Lanterns, and the Gratefulness Pumpkin Campaign.

You can help a family who has lost a baby or child get the support that they need to grieve the loss of their baby or child.

Your donation makes a world of difference in their journey.


We are donating new newborn and premie clothing to families who have lost a baby or child and are now expecting a rainbow or pot of gold baby.


We are sending out valentines to children around the Northeast Ohio area in memory of our angels.


Our families are getting the opportunity to give back to people who have helped them along their journey of loss, grief, and healing.


Through foster agencies, we will be giving the opportunity for our foster families after loss to give back to foster children by donating pjs.


We are offering our very first college scholarship to our loss families in memory of our angels.


We will plant a community memorial garden in memory of our angels.

Please fill out to request a March owl keychain.

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