“So appreciative for this bag.  I love it!  Thank you so much.  You’ll always be in my prayers.  Thank you.” -Canada

“I think what your organization does for others is truly an amazing thing. Most days I feel like I am on my own with this and just want to say thank you because it’s nice knowing I’m not alone.”-Utah

“The other day I found my appointment card from when they were scanning me to see if my second twin would get a heartbeat.  I have put it in my memory box.”-England

“My 12 year old daughter was home when your bag came and she teared up.  She just hugged me and went through the bag.  We thought it was really neat.” -Indiana

“I think what your organization is doing is truly amazing.” -England

“I think someone acknowledging me and my loss is going to help me immensely.” -Australia

“Can I just say you are such a wonderful organization to take something so sad and turn it into a positive for people? Not one person asked after me on my due date.” -England

“The bag is beautiful.  Thank you so much.” -Florida

“I want to thank you so much for sharing your story.  It helps hearing others and knowing that we are not alone and putting yourself out there. You are very brave.” -Arizona

“You’re so kind for this.  This is so painful.” -England

“I just wanted to say that I received the bag in the mail today.  It was sent at a time I really deeply needed it.”

“You are such a great organization for helping women through hard times like this.”-Pennsylvania

“So many dates that we have lost from the three.”

“I can put my ultrasounds and memories away until I am strong enough to look at them again.” -Georgia

“It’s the little things like this that make the journey a little easier as time goes by knowing that I am not alone.” -Ohio

“I got the footprints bag today and I just cried and cried.  But for the first time in a long time they weren’t horrible tears.  Some were sad, but most were grateful tears. “-Canada

“We are deeply touched by your thoughtfulness.  She was completely taken by the gift box she received and especially the fact that you took the time to hand write her a letter. “-Pennsylvania

“We miss and love her so incredibly much. Not a day goes by we don’t think of or talk about her. Thank you again for the box. Almost 5 years ago and we still tear up. This was precious.”-Kentucky