2018 Breakdown of Families Served

Keepsakes for families

  • 44 families have received keepsakes.
  • 42 American families have received keepsakes.
  • 1 South African family has received a keepsake.
  • 1 English family has received a keepsake.
  • 80 babies have been honored and remembered.

Social Media Programming Families Served

  • 4 families have participated in #actsOFlove
  • 16 families have received remembrance valentines
  • 7 families have contributed to the Hope Jar

Rainbow Loss Packages

  • 12 rainbow loss packages have been sent to families

Rainbow Suncatchers

  • 24 families have received rainbow suncatchers who are TTC, are pregnant, or have their rainbows.

Foster Care after Loss Packages

  • 2 families have received the foster care after loss package.

2017 Breakdown of Families Served

  • 119 families have received keepsakes
  • 5 Canadian families have received keepsakes
  • 9 English families have received keepsakes
  • 8 Australian families have received keepsakes
  • 97 American families have received keepsakes
  • 146 babies have been acknowledged and remembered
  • 10 children have been acknowledged and remembered

Here is a map of the states that Olie’s little footprints have traveled to in 2017. This map does not include international families and most states had multiple families reach out to Olie’s Footprints. We are so proud of our little Olie and the families that he is helping to support everyday.