Our Mission

 To support families in their loss of a baby or child and support their journey beyond.

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Our Loss

On May 9, 2016 we lost our baby, Oliver Paxton, in a miscarriage. It was the most devastating loss in our lives and the weeks and months after was full of loneliness and hurt. No one knew what to say or do for us. Our family scrambled to figure out what the new normal looked like. After our loss, we decided that Olie was given to us to help others in their journey of miscarriage, stillbirth, and child loss. We began to have conversations with friends, family, and complete strangers about the dark days of loss. All of the conversations involved one common theme-loneliness. From those conversations, Olie’s Footprints was born.

This tree is where we buried our little Olie.

What We do

Remembrance Packages

Here are the packages that we currently offer: 


Rainbow loss gift

Rainbow suncatchers

Foster care after loss

Sibling keepsakes

Infertility packages

Social Media Programming

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

On our various social media platforms, we offer families of loss continued support and programming that will support them in their journey. 


Northeast Ohio

Honoring and remembering our babies and children together is crucial to our mission.  We offer many events and opportunities to meet other loss families and to support each other. 

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