olie's Footprints

Start small and grow to make a difference

Remembrance Packages

We offer remembrance packages for every family of loss. Our packages include keepsakes, sibling keepsakes, rainbow sun catchers, infertility keepsakes, birthday cards, and foster care packages.Each keepsake comes with a personalized hand written note and is individual to the family.

Social Media Programming

Each year of Olie’s Footprints, we choose a theme. 2022 is the year of the connectedness. Each month we will do one activity on social media for our families. Please visit us on social media to see what we are working on to help support our families.

Continued Support

After sending a keepsake or package, we follow up with families at least once a year. We have completed over 4,000 check ins with our families to support them in their journey of loss.

Our Families

1800 Families Served

Our families live throughout the 50 United States.  In the past, we have also served international families.  We are currently only serving American families. 

1900 Babies and Children Remembered

Some families have lost babies through miscarriage or stillbirth. Other families have children and have secondary infertility problems. Finally, some of our families have lost children. 

4000 Check ins

After we send out a remembrance keepsake or package, we keep in contact with our families through check ins.  

You can help a family who has lost a baby or child get the support that they need to grieve the loss of their baby or child.

Your donation makes a world of difference in their journey.

Our Sponsors and Supporters